Questions and Answers

If I’m interested in going, how do I apply?

Please go to our website,  click on application. Please read the instructions and fill out the information required.


Do I need to take two workshops?

Only if you’re staying in the main villa or castle. If you stay in our other accommodations you’ll only need to take one workshop.


If I give a reading for Finishing Line Press do I need to take a workshop?



I’m a beginner writer, are there workshops for me?

Our workshops are geared for professional writers; however, beginners have attended our workshops occasionally in the past.  If you’re interested in joining us, please contact us.

All our classes are master/mentor workshops. Most participants are published authors and university professors.


Do you have shuttle service?

No, unless stated. Take a taxi or airport transport into Dublin.


What is the climate in Dublin, in December?

Average is 44 degrees, 64% chance of rain


I don’t have a friend joining me, how do I get a roommate?

We will connect you with different people to try to make a good match for you.


I’m planning on bringing my family, can they share my room?

The cost of an extra person sharing a single room with meals is $500.


Is it possible to bring my child?

Yes, but you’ll need to contact us in advance.


Is it possible to stay elsewhere, can I still take the workshops?