Questions and Answers

If I’m interested in going, how do I apply?

Please go to our website, and click on application. Please read the instructions and fill out the information required.


Do I need to take two workshops?

Only if you’re staying in the main villa or castle. If you stay in our other accommodations you’ll only need to take one workshop.


If I give a reading for Finishing Line Press do I need to take a workshop?



I’m a beginner writer, are there workshops for me?

Our workshops are geared for professional writers; however, beginners have attended our workshops occasionally in the past.  If you’re interested in joining us, please contact us.

All our classes are master/mentor workshops. Most participants are published authors and university professors.


What airport do I fly into for Lake Como?

Milan, Italy.


How do I get to Como from Milan?

Como is located 25 miles north of Milan.

You have a choice of renting a car or taking a train.


There’s a train station at the Milan airport that goes directly to the town of Como. This is the town we’ll be holding our conference. The train station in Como is 1 mile from the villa.

One to three trains hourly connect Milan and Como’s Stazione San Giovanni on Piazzale San Gottardo (regional: from Milan’s Piazza Garibaldi station, 55-60 min.; high-speed: from Milan’s Stazione Centrale station, 40 min.). There are also twice-hourly trains from Milan’s Cadorna station to the more convenient Como Lago station right on the shorefront at Piazza Giacomo Matteotti. These trains take about an hour.

Milan Malpensa International Airport
Ground Transportation


Malpensa Aeroporto railway station is linked to Milan Cadorna Station (connection with Milan’s subway’s Line M2 (Green) and Line M1 (Red), and the Suburban and the Regional Railway Service) by the Malpensa Express, with intermediate stops at Busto Arsizio FNM, Saronno Centrale (connection with regional trains bound for Varese and Como) and Milano Bovisa (connection with the Passante track of the suburban railways). Malpensa Express arrives at the Terminal 1, an additional bus travel is required to reach Terminal 2. Journey time is 29 minutes for non-stop services and 34 minutes for services calling at Busto Arsizio, Saronno and Bovisa.

A second Express service to Milan Central Station began with the winter rail schedule change (13 December 2010). There is a train every 30 minutes, also stopping at Milan Porta Garibaldi station; journey time is 41 minutes. During rush hours, services also call at Milano Bovisa station and Saronno Centrale; for these services journey time is 47 minutes.

Two daily High Speed (Alta Velocità) services linked Milan Malpensa’s railway station, to Florence and Naples. As of October 2012, the service was terminated. Suburban Line S10 (Milano Rogoredo-Milano Bovisa) was running to Malpensa since June 2010. As of October 2012, the service was terminated. There is also a shuttle connection between Malpensa Airport railway station and Busto Arsizio FS. From here there are connections with Milan’s railway stations of Milano Centrale and Milano Porta Garibaldi. The Malpensa – Varese – Mendrisio (CH) – Lugano (CH) line is being built and was finished in 2012. There are future plans also to connect Gallarate Station (FS) and Milan’s Centrale Station (FS) allowing for easy connections onto high-speed international lines.


Malpensa Shuttle and Malpensa Bus Express connect the airport to Milan Central Station (Trenitalia’s National Railway hub) and the metro. Stops at the Milan Fair are provided on request. Travel time is about an hour (longer during heavy traffic).

A free shuttle bus links Terminal 1 & 2 every 7 minutes 24 hours a day, within the airport. Travel time to go from one terminal to the other is about 15 minutes.

Malpensa is also connected by bus to Linate Airport and to various cities in northern Italy with Lufthansa Airport Bus(like Turin, Novara, Como, Varese, Bergamo and Brescia) and Switzerland.


Do you have shuttle service?

No, unless stated.


Where are the apartments located in Como?

Apartments are located in downtown Como between ½ mile to a mile away from the villa. You have a choice of walking along the lake to the villa or taking a local bus.

We also have lake view apartments that are located 15 minutes away by shuttle.


What is the climate in Como, Italy in late June?

67 – 80 degrees


What is the population of Como, Italy?


Area: 14 ½ sq miles


What do I need to bring if I stay in an apartment?

Linens and towels are supplied; however, you’ll need to bring all your toiletries including paper and food. There’s a market in town to pick-up supplies.


Are all apartments in the same building?

No. we’re renting apartments from several different booking agents. However, we do have some in the same building.


Why do I have to pay three months in advance?

We need to fund this event prior to arrival. All properties are privately owned and they require full payment months in advance. Plus, caterers, authors and everyone who make this event possible. We are a small organization that does not receive outside funding.


Why are there different locations for accommodations?

Most private properties have a limited number of bedrooms. Normally, there’s between 13 – 20 bedrooms.

Since we’re limited with bedrooms, we search for properties where there’s additional rooms such as self-catering houses, apartments or hotels nearby.


Do I need to reserve dinner before the conference?

Yes. Our dinners are catered and we need to know actual numbers of participants eating dinner in advance.


I don’t have a friend joining me, how do I get a roommate?

We will connect you with different people to try to make a good match for you.


I’m planning on bringing my family, can they share my room?

The cost of an extra person is the same price as a shared room. Please subtract the cost for your workshop or workshops from the package price. For example, a shared room in an apartment at Lake Como with one workshop is $1,390 -$800 (workshop) = $590


Is it possible to bring my child?

Yes, but you’ll need to contact us in advance.


I would like to stay elsewhere, can I still take the workshops?

Yes, but you’ll have to pay an additional fee of $250. This price assist with the cost of renting the castle or villa–our group space for workshops and readings.

It would like to see Bellagio, how long does it take on the ferry or hydrofoil?

The ferry takes 2 hours from Como centro and 35 – 45 minutes on a hydrofoil.